This blog was meant for my thoughts and everything else in general. I love to share good things with friends (i actually don’t know you but i want to refer to you as my kawan).

i buy things. Many many things. And the places i frequent a lot is DAISO. So if you like $2 stuff as much as i do, then you might want to “bookmark” my site. I’ll occasionally post my personal reviews on the items i bought and i felt the best way to express is to write the reviews in your own words.

Anyway, i’ll keep DAISO’s post for other time.

I’m gonna post the black bean pore pack from THE SKINFOOD.


I had used numerous brands of the pore pack and this is the best! It worked for me, unlike the other brands i had used. One pack of 7 stripes doesn’t cost cheap, its around SGD$14 if i remembered correctly? i bought mine at a cheaper rate over at Malaysia or my friends will usually get bulk purchase for me when they go Korea :p

They say a picture paints a thousand words


This is considered little, i usually had more than these. You can actually see those yellow sebum stuck onto the sticker. My favourite action was to peel off the edge slowly and see how these little worms being “plucked” out from the pores.


I couldn’t find it on the website (very weird!)
I hope they are still selling!

This is the only item i will buy from the store, other items are not that “amazing”, or at least, to me. So, just my 20cents worth.