Travelling websites

Met up with my poly mates and fun time we had! So this friend of mine recommended this travel/hosting website where you can search for hosts or becoming a host to foreign friends who come over to the country for vacation.

Heard of couch surfing? Its the first time i heard of this and upon registering, i can FEEL that this site is going to be so user friendly for friends who like to travel! You just have to connect (perhaps with a FB account?) and then verify your email address. VIOLA!

You can plan or update a public trip and then see if any of the destination hosts is able to bring you around or even stay at their place if possible (Machiam AirB&B). its cool because you get to pick the hosts from the selection with their uploaded photos on the profile and references. I would be able to tell more if i had known of this site, i would have used it for my travel plans!

Yes, I’m going Krabi next Thurs throughout the weekend. Too bad, we had booked the hotel, if not i think we can try to see if this site really does wonders. Guess this time round, we will have to look for a host to bring us around the island so i will be giving a more comprehensive reviews if we did manage to get anyone on the site!

So, if you happen to read this post and able to share your experience, please do so! 😀