Back from Holiday!

I’m back from a 4 days break! (3 to be exact, Thursday, Friday and Monday)

It was a simple vacation to a nearby island.
Think: sunny with no clouds

I’m gonna blog about it by this week (or as soon as I upload some photos) and I need to sort out some reviews on a restaurant that we patroned.

So short entry is just on my duty buy from perfume section! 




Wanted to get MBM’s Daisy Dream but it’s pricy for a 50ml. I cannot.

Decided to let go and roam around and tadah! Bought Mont Blanc’s Lady Emblem

  I don’t know how I am saving money like that (forgo-ing the Daisy but THIS?!) I should say the bottle captivates my heart and I am a sucker for pretty bottles like this. I should perhaps one day take a picture of bottles I like and have.

So now, I’m questioning myself: is this a diamond or flower?? I bought it because I thought it’s a diamond…but I only realised its a rose 5 minutes ago….. NOOOOOOOOO