Krabi, Ao Nang, Thailand, 18 Feb 2016 – 21 Feb 2016

yes, we went to Krabi! A short vacation of 4 days, just the 2 of us. The itinerary was all planned by hubby since i’m lazier. We thought 4 days was a little too much but since it was supposed to be relaxing and chill, we don’t really care that much.

We stayed at BluSotel after hearing reading all the reviews (mostly by locals).


The dressing area


The Bed (can be better if the quilt is thicker)


The balcony view (This is at level 3)


The Balcony view overlooking the pool at 4pm

I’m too shy to take pictures in case the angmohs start cursing me snapping (I’m sure they don’t mind) but i just want to play safe.

These photos don’t do the hotel justice. You can refer to the hotel’s website for their gallery. Sad to say, i assumed that there must be another hotel coming up (beside it) so it makes the balcony extremely dusty from all the construction works.
For those who want to have direct access to the pool, its recommended that you pay a little bit more to stay at the ground level. We regretted not getting it.

It will be a bonus point for the hotel if they have hair-dryer plus and ironing board..

The hotel is just 15 – 30 minutes away from Krabi town and probably less than 20 minutes away from the weekend night market. The vicinity is awesome, lots of convenience shops, many restaurants, food stalls, shops selling random beach stuffs, souvenirs etc.  There is a beach nearby but i don’t know its name~


The beach view at 7pm

Overall, the hotel stay is still a pleasant one.


Our daily routine would be wake up for hotel breakfast. Rest. Go out for lunch. Rest. Chill at pool. Rest. Go out for dinner. Rest by 9pm (hhwahwa)

Thats the laziest we ever get.

The night market at Krabi was quite a disappointment. There isn’t much activity there to do or maybe the things that are sold are not to my “age”. If you have been to Singapore Bugis Street, is something like that. Except that Bugis street have different levels. The whole place is quite small, you should be able to cover the market within an hour. Basically they sells lots of clothes and repeated food, kabab etc. There is this stall near the central stage which sells spicy crispy pork with condiments.




The next day, we went for a half day kayaking tour. This is the leaflet for reference. IMG_8260.jpg

There are many many tours packages so take your time. There isn’t much of a price difference so if you are not fussy with baht, just go ahead and book. I took this leaflet outside the hotel but i went with another tour with the price printed as Adult: 1000baht. But its for the price of 2 (Offer, they say, buy 1 get 1 free. hahah!)

In case you are really unfortunate, just make sure a half day kayaking tour should only cost you are 450-500baht per head.


We had our last lunch at Massaman. We didn’t planned it and it is just situated directly opposite the hotel. And i realised thats the only place that sells Thai ice tea. The food was good, price was affordable. The staff was extremely honest and added shrimps in our salad when they gave us a wrong one. Most of the servers don’t really bother but this little gesture really does it wonders! So i highly recommend it.


A few dishes we ordered, nothing fanciful.

This was the view taken at Massaman Restaurant and look! no clouds that day!



Massage at Thailand is a must. And do manicure/pedicure if you have too much time/baht to spend. I went for a manicure that afternoon and reached SG at night. After doing some household chores, my mani color chipped. They don’t put on base coat either. So be warned. Don’t expect too much also ok, it costs less than 10SGD~ 🙂

i shall end here, hope you enjoyed the read with the recommendations!