The Leap Year!

Hi Everybody!!

Its LEAP YEAR! Aren’t you excited? It only occurs once in 4 years! It seemed extremely special to me this time round, probably because i am catching on a show on Astrology! I thought it will be interesting to be blog entries on 29 Feb, to remind myself what i had been doing on this special day and perhaps, add a little random entry.

So, the show that i had been catching was this, Jang Yeong-SilIt is on a ancient Korea’s astrology/science past which i really like (the stars, the universe!). Such an awe to know that we lived in a amazing place (Think Mother Earth). We are now at episode 17. I had a hard time and can’t wait for them to release the all of it! I got to know this show because i had been catching the popular Korean Variety Show, The Return Of Superman. Song II Gook is famous for his triplets 🙂


The other thing i want to blog about would be this!


overjoyed/pearlescent water color set. 

I had gotten this Pearlescent Palette from Overjoyed, here. Its inexpensive and the colors are decent. Compare the “hellos” without/with direct light. I will usually use it for practice with brush-lettering. I love it! By the way, the site now sells FINETEC PALETTEs in SINGAPORE! Its a the best price i ever since so far (purchasing in SG). They sells RHODIA and they are good pieces for writing. I highly recommend Overjoyed!!


i’m done with the 2 things i would like to say. So i will now summarised what i did today.
Was absent from work as i’m on course. Nothing much interesting happened, except that i met up with a nice colleague at Waterpoint Way.

Thats about it.
You will see another 29 Feb entry in 4 years time!
Good night!