Monthly Archive: March, 2016

Nail Art

Hi! i just realised that i had almost $300 worth of beauty parlour package which i had not utilised. And the last time i had used it was 3 years (near to 4… Continue reading


I somehow can understand why some mums under post natum care or people who tend to stay home for too long can suffer from depression. I think, I had stayed home to a… Continue reading

Good People, Good Heart

Hubby and i went to the new coffeeshop which opened 2 blocks away. I had our cash in my shallow pocket. I realised i dropped it the moment we got ourselves a table.… Continue reading

Impulse purchases

Finally opened my parcel 3 months later. But I still have no use for it 😹 // i had bought them online from : That was the time when i am so hooked… Continue reading


Someone is definitely playing tricks on me. When everything is supposed to fall in space, it had to change to against my favour. Seriously. FML


Had a wonderful day in the morning due to the eclipse then I had to kanna shitty things. Which spoilt my mood. And I haven even go for my lunch.fml~

Key Minting

Places like this give me thrills!