Nail Art

i just realised that i had almost $300 worth of beauty parlour package which i had not utilised. And the last time i had used it was 3 years (near to 4 years) back!! So i decided to end it as much as possible.




This is the design that caught my eye. Couldn’t get any Tsum Tsum theme but i think Craftholic is enough to make me happy by just looking at the nails.

Anyway, this is mine! Understand that the above could be for advertising so nice might not be as expected. Taken into account that my nails are super small and funky and cute. It took the lady 2 hours to complete without rest is no easy feat. Grateful for that! BUT I’M HAPPY! CHOHA!!

I think its one of the best nail parlour i had been to in Singapore and i seldom splurge on such things. When i do, i make sure its worth the value! i won’t be stating the price here because i believed most of us are stereotyped and could be influence or swayed by monetary factors.
Hence, it will be good if you go experience it yourself and you make your judgement from there 🙂

Sensual Nails Spa
Location: Blk 507 Bishan St 11 #01-398
Telephone: 6259 0889
Opening hrs: 11am – 8.30pm
Instagram: snspa