Dionaea (VFT) Diary

I had bought a pot of Venue Fly Trap (Dionaea – botany name) some time back and collected it from the seller: thechlorofeelshop only on 12th Sep.
About the seller, he is very sincere and fuss free. If you are looking for plants and too lazy to go nursery, you might want to try the site!

Cute right? I had done some research . They require partial sunlight and need to drink distilled/rain/pure water. The bugs don’t go near it so it must have starved for a week! I do hope they eat up any mosquitoes that go near them. Zika seemed to be a serious matter here in Asia. I kept the potting soil moist and make sure it does not leave any stagnant water by placing very thick newspaper at the base. I’m taking no risk.

Anyway, today is (VOLUPTUOUS’s) 7th day and LOOK! Another tiny budding is growing! I must really take good care of it.
Gardeners say talking to plants is therapeutic and I’m totally ok with talking to Voluptuous. There is one that sticks out of the pot and I am naming it “Flyer”.


Now I’m thinking if I should crop the brown stem away in case it starts affecting the growth of the rest. Do I have to? Look at the 3rd from the left; only the skin left after it was eaten up. I think the seller fed it :p

If any of you have any good tips to share, please let me know!