Royal Caribbean 

Hubby brought me to Royal Caribbean cruise over the weekend!
Just some random notes which I find useful and it won’t be an intensive one because you probably be able to google one with better details (I’m super lazy as it’s supposed to be a recuperate trip for me)

Anyway, enough of the excuses

Coming on board:

The boarding process can be better but I am not complaining because everything is better than the one at JB Custom.

We got our Seapasses for Deck 7.
Boys and girls, presenting our room with the balcony!



The sea view!

We then wandered around, played a round of mini golf, head back to the room and rest. There is a mandatory drill for all passengers at 4pm. We got prepared at 3.30pm and went to our designated meeting area (found on your sea-passes). It’s good to go early because very soon, the place gets overcrowded. The drill starts 4.13pm and end at 4.16pm Hahahaha!

We went back to our room; hubby went to the casino while I napped and took many sunset pictures.

Awesome right?

We head for dinner and then went to watch a show and zzz

Day 2

It was dark, no sunrise!

one taken at 6.40am and another at 7am
We basically lazed around and went to Aeon Mall (cruise dock at Port Klang)

Head back to cruise/room and slept.

We then went to the top deck for some sightseeing. The weather was good and by then it’s 6pm, the husband decided to try his luck and because I can see the sunset from my balcony, I decided to head to the gym (so far it’s the best place I felt). Did a dry and steam sauna and head back for a shower and dinner.

Day 2 ends this way more or less.
Some pointers
1) bring toothbrush/toothpaste
2) umbrella
3) tumbler/flask for hot water


Day 3

Nothing much for me. Except I’m beginning to like gym haha


Day 4

Morning, checkout.


If you have urgent matters and required to checkout immediately on when dock, I recommend you to have a early breakfast, packed your stuff and lazed around the checkout deck and make your way out once the crew are ready to let you go.

That pretty sum up my cruise journal.

No holidays till next year!