Monthly Archive: January, 2017


I have the ability to remember my dreams It was so vivid. I’m on a plane and it’s going to crash. We are supposed to cling ourselves to the sides of the plane… Continue reading


I had been thinking: In order for me to improve my English, I have to write more, be more conscious of my English grammar and read more books. That is all I can… Continue reading

Wish, I wish

Apart from serious matters, I wished I have a body to fit this:

baby baby baby

Today, everything is about babies. Took a Uber home, driver told us he was married at 15 and he now had a 18yo child and is already a grandfather. I don’t know how… Continue reading


When I was a young girl, I was anxiously waiting for menses to come. When I become old, I wishes my menses don’t come. Hahah!!

1 Jan 2017

HNY! Just want to wish everyone with good health And me to upgrade to a different statuts that’s all.