I had been thinking:
In order for me to improve my English, I have to write more, be more conscious of my English grammar and read more books.
That is all I can think of at the moment.
I prefer to write more blog posts though but my life is boring and mundane. Nothing interesting worth the writeup.
There is some event that I am going to go through soon but it is going to be in a private entry until I am ready (which I don’t know when~)
I thought my life was shit but it will be so unfair to judge it that way because I am indirectly
blaming my mother, after bearing me in her womb for 10 months? Shame on me.

Would it be better if I did a name change?
Would it changed if I undergo some plastic surgery to make my looks more “fengshui-ly” or “lucky” or more “fortunate”??


Even at times I tell myself to be nice and positive but I don’t reap rewards. I mean, I can say my biggest reward now is being alive right?!



Stay calm and be a clam.