I have the ability to remember my dreams

It was so vivid. I’m on a plane and it’s going to crash. We are supposed to cling ourselves to the sides of the plane to stay alive. We crashed, and those on my aisle were dead except me. Everyone on the left were alive. They were then asked to register at the shelter. I ran too.

But I was illegitimate. So when they were asking for my identity, I lied that I had lost (I had modified it but it will backfired if I show them). Out of pitiness, i was given a chance to stay alive (or being slayed)

Funny right?

The dream seems like a biased dream and the plane was supposed to make “crashed” and specific people are supposed to be made alive~

After reading the interpretation, I réalisé maybe that’s the reason why I had recently felt it was difficult to get along with a colleague (not a co-worker to be exact)