BKK Day 1

Oh yay baby! 2017 Bangkok trip with hubs!
This is a very brief trip and we don’t plan any itineary and we merely follow whatever was given and shared to us via whatsapp and some emails. There we go!

Thailand – Bangkok
11 Feb 17 – 15 Feb 17

I travel light.

In luggage:
2 set of clothes (which i will throw after wearing them)
Sleepwear (for throwing)
sample size of facial care
Undergarments (for throwing)

Thats all I discarded my unwanted clothes which are too fabby to be donated

wet wipes

Our flight was at 1125hrs. I ensure I had enough entertainment to keep my company on flight (Downloading of an episode of drama is a must on flight) and I even brought a book with me as backup plan.

I had only manage to read a few chapters and I love this! Didn’t realise that I fancy autobiograohies.

We took the public transport to our hotel, fast and cheap. The ticketing marchine is easy to use.

This is our Hotel view at Holiday Inn Express Bangkok, it is just next to their National Stadium and also the last station BTS Skytrain Silom Line.

We are at level 22 and this is the view that noon.

The restroom:

Main / Sleeping area

The gym at Level 24! No swimming pool though.

We head out at around 3pm and head to MBK, just a five minute walk with all the connecting bridge. The SG taxi driver raves on the duck meat at MK Restaurant so we went for lunch. We had never been to MK Restaurant in SG and i personally find it overpriced.

We ordered a set of steamboat set. A small plate of duck meat. A small potion of roasted pork. 1 set pork siewmai. 1 set crab siewmai. 3 custard buns. 1 bowl of noodles. VIOLA! IT WAS TOO MUCH FOR both of us.

The above was the closeup of the seafood and meat for the steamboat.

I forgot how much we paid but I remembered having change after paying with a thousand baht note.

We decided not to get any dinner after that cause we overeat 😦 We went around MBK and to Siam discovery/center/paragon and hub decided to go back to rest due to a stomachache. In order not to waste any time in hotel room,  I decided to venture on my own to do my nails at Glamour Girls Nail Salon. Cousin gave me the address and so i thought, why not?

I took the train from Siam to Mo Chit and then change to MRT to Phahon Yothin. The waiting time for self-ticketing was loooong (s0 many people buy single trip tickets, even locals, i realised). If you want to know the time taken, it would be like Yishun to Orchard but with queueing for tickets (both BTS/MRT), the distance would be like from Yishun to Marina Bay? On my way there, i was thinking to myself that it feels like i am traveling to town to have my nails done which i will never do LOL.

I reached Phahon Yothin, had a hard time looking for One Park Mall since it is a low building and you can hardly see the mall name cause the connecting bridges are high. To make it easy for you (in case you are travelling to BKK anytime soon), you go to exit 3 when at Phahon Yothin. Take the stairs down on the right, take the overhead bridge. You should see Union Mall (covering this on Day 2) on the right. Take the middle section of the overhead bridge and you should see OPM. Glamour Girls is right inside. You can read the review here. I had high expectations and didn’t expect what i see when i’m there but i go ahead anyway. It was a modest place. The pricing was defintely cheaper than in SG but i won’t be sure if you are comparing it to other BKK nail parlours.

Did manicure and pedicure, altogether at a cost of 850Baht. I think its CHEAPPPPPP. Their standard is much better than in JB. I had a normal Gelish pedicure + filing (no foot/scrub/spa) for 300Baht and magnetic nails for 550baht. Not bad lah, i will totally love it if they push my cuticles further so that the painting would not make my nails look like  kiddo??

Left Siam at 5pm for nails, start at 6pm and reached hotel around 7pm. This is something which i will never do in SG lo. hwhahwa!!


We head to Rod Fai night market (Ratchada Rd). Lots of street food and soooo many seafood stalls. Just like any SG pasar malam but its so much fun and vibrant. Multiple stalls selling the same thing. it will take at least 2-3 hours to finish the market? There wasn’t much things to buy and i only manage to score a fake 3 stripes top for $4 nia. Material good one ok.

Decided to grab a bite and this bowl of beef glass noodles is totally what i would eat. Even my hubs know. This cost < $2??
We head home and rest.

We ended our night around 11pm?

This is my nails after 6 days. It haven chipped, considering me being very clumsy and also i did housework since Wednesday. I went to soften my cuticles though because i cannot tahan seeing the transparent rubber below my manicure.

See, this is what i am talking about. A good manicure would mean that they color the tip of your nail as well (that is to make it last longer) but the manicurist never do for me leh. Im not complaining because its affordable and i cannot imagine how much time i will be there is they are going to do it so proper for me. If you happen to be one of the patrons there, please share your experience! I love to make realise reviews because i can almost imagine myself/someone reading the blog posts reviews at its real value.