BKK Day 2

Day 2, 12 Feb 2017

This is an boring entry because there wasn’t much pictures.

We went MBK for hub’s underwear search. We couldn’t find those he wanted (He prefer briefs in package than those in loose separates. ^^)

Anyway, we couldn’t get anything cause it was early when we go there 10-ish am. So we bought tickets to Lego (Batman). I nearly fall asleep i don’t know why. Not a fan of lego shows.

We went to Jatuchak by taking the train to Kamphaeng Phet. Prefer to drop here because this station directs you to Zone 2 and 3 which is the hipster zone. It is impossible to cover Jatuchak in 2 days. i spent half a day and covered i think briefly round 1/3? I had not much time to take pictures because I’m busy shopping! So little time!

The above was the first station where I got the letterpressed pouches and sovernirs for my friends. Love the wine red bag i got here. I was hoping i get to come across a similiar shop again but they don’t sell the bag i wanted~ 😦

We ended the evening by heading to another exit from the station and Artbox. It was still early when we got there. Most shops were not opened. I think its more for youngster. Would be better if you head there at night.

I had to take a picture for this ginger cat, lazed around this little house. Such a beautiful sight.

We then head back to Siam to get our body massage at Lek. I think its average for its price so overall, its a “can-go”.

It was already 8pm when we went back and guess what? Stumbled upon After You haah! I thought it will be inside the shopping center but apparently it was a standalone building. We went in and within 5 minutes, we were called. Thats really lucky. I had heard there are people queueing for >1hr to get their sweet food.

We over-ordered as usual.
Green tea latte
Lavendar lychee mint

There were so “jelat” to our taste (SWEETNESS) and we kept telling ourselves we need to jog a lot when we get back to SG. We saw 8 pax sharing a toast when we left the place. So… each of us are gettig x4 sugar content. It worries me when  i recall about it.

Back to hotel
I love these 2 tops @ 150 baht (Jatuchak) and thats the wine red small sachet i’m talking about. Its such a doll!

Definitely will go crazy for this if i am going BKK again. heh heh