BKK Day 3

Day 3, 13 Feb 2017

Terminal 21
Been there done that at T21. Nothing fancy over there. So i won’t be touching much on that.

We head on to Easykart, reached at 12noon. But it only opened at 1pm. hahaah! As usual, too much time to spare, we went to the cafe at the RCA Building and chill~ The wind was really chilling. Spent the hour with iced coffee and surfing from the free wifi.

Loved the ground and took a random picture with the new wine satchel.

It is a good way to spend some time at Easykart.
We were riding with another 3 foreigners and i sucked at it. I should say i am a VERY SAFE DRIVER. The comparison is like fast cars while a baby walker (me) blocking their route. hwhawhawa.
I would recommend to those who wants to stop “shopping” for a while. I can’t comment on the price because I had never been one in SG and I thought 1800Baht for 1pax (2 races/8min each) was reasonable.
The cons is its out of place and you probably need to take a cab ride down. The building itself, nothing much to do.
But well, the taxi fare from Terminal 21 to RCA is less than 100baht so ok lah.

I managed to persuade Hubby to go Platinum Mall with me. The ride was long omg. Jam. ugh!

We ate, bought spandex undies, more iron-on patches and customised a name cap for both of us! Many stores located near the escalator costs 390 baht. One store owner totally ignored me when i wanted to check out the price (Fine, I supposed he is very busy), then my husband overheard someone says they had more than enough orders for the day and you need to come back tomorrow if you want. Thats like only 2pm? Guarantee chop i wont be able to come back again so we left and roamed the other alleys aimlessly.

Guess what… The corner of the level, was empty and I saw the embroidery machine. SHINING~ CALLING ME COME COME COME. The shop name is NOW (578B). Checked the price and picked on a design immediately when they told me 350Baht. Make first, talk later. Hubby decided to make one for himself and his cap is a better fit. Lesson learnt, ask questions (for other designs if they have) and try until you like it. Not complaining, i love mine too hwahwhawa.

Our day at Platinum Mall ended and we walked to Neon Market to find out… ITS NOT OPEN! Only Wednesdays – Sundays evening and we totally missed it. Its alright, i will be back in BKK again. heh heh

We walked back making short cuts all the way from Neon Night Market back to MBK. The night scene at BKK is really exciting and bustling. I like the place so much!!

We can’t think of any place to eat so we settled at this foodstall near our hotel. I had been wanting to eat here but there wasn’t a chance. We ordered omelette, Tom Yum Soup, Vege and Char kway Teow. Hello. All these for 280baht. i thought we can eat there everyday if we are running short of money. Its reasonable and surprising really tasty!

Photo taken in the morning

I went back to MBK night market alone and did more shopping!

The day ended like that.