BKK Day 4

Day 4, 14 Feb 2017

We ate a little at hotel (it sucks) and we took a cab to Chinatown for On Lok Yun

And what we ordered

All these for only 112baht.

We walked along the alleys, bought some hair accessories 大白鲨 and headbands, both at 20baht each. Can you imagine, 1 headband in SG costs $2.50. T_T

Someone was selling fish maw and i bought one pac. Didn’t know it comes with pig blood~
Decent price. 40baht?

Then we went back to MBK for duck meat. Roam around MBK for undies and we went to CHANG FOOT MASSAGE. Think the last session nearly broke my limbs. I feel nothing at a point when she twist my arm and she practically cracked open every piece of my bones hwhawa. If you like it rough, then you will love Chang.

Went to Greyhound. Let pictures do the talking.

Our evening! I was totally crashed after that and i didn’t go out after that.
Look at the evening sky! The skies always looked better when you are overseas.