So, i am really not comfortable talking about IVF, but i know i will need to blog about it eventually. I am that 1 out of 8.
Im into my stimulation stage now and waiting for the follicles to grow. Right now i had about 8 but 5 growing, the rest are s l o w l y and getting there (not giving up hope on the other 3). They had to reach to a mature size before going to the Maturation stage (for Egg Retrieval)
Right now, i am on Lucrin (D32), Gonal-F (D12) and Menopur (D6). And tada! these are the needles.


I only had 5 follicles before but after Menopur it starts to increase. In total based on the counts, i had made 50 needle-holes around my belly (hwahhwa). Injections doesn’t bother me really. The needle for Menopur was finer so it takes times for me to poke myself. 3 injections every morning just to make sure i have eggs. Alamak.

I took the opportunity to clear my annual leave to stay at home because i know working will make me stress and sometimes work makes me lose my temper. Just put them into good use. Consoling myself here cause i can’t bear to use my leave for nothing.

Going for my 3rd scan tomorrow. I hope everything is good. I had to console myself that if the growing follicles get ruptured and there is nothing much i can do as it have not yet to reach the mature stage so most probably they cant use it to form embroyo as well.

Right?? (yes, im worrying)