After ET

Day 1
Having slight cramps in morning.
The thought of doing nothing help led me to reading bible verses and placing the bible on my stomach makes me relieve.
Day 2
The pain of waiting is REAL. 2ww felt like 2 years. Started thinking of all bad things and reading articles how symptons on are like, whether the embryo is surviving or already being absorb into my lining. Bad thoughts kept flowing just like my tears. I just have the idea that i had lost it.
Day 3
Dreamt that Im competing in a tennis match. Waking up thinking i had lost so much time in exercising. Kept consoling myself if it fails, my life still have to go on. Not much negative thoughts but feeling normal.
The struggle for coffee is real. I had longed for Starbucks since day 1 and was convinced to order decaf (S’mores was the special drink 😰😰) but realised its cold beverage so I gave up on the idea.
Day 4
Last night i experience tightness around oesophagus and chest. Made a glass of milk cause i could not sleep.
Day 5
Convinced that its gone.
Day 6 (6dpt)
Convinced its gone. Feel sorry for not bearing a child for my husband.
Day 7
im late on crinone dosage for 1.5hr plus. 😞😞
Day 8
i was asked if i had morning sickness. sigh
Day 9
Remebering this day with lots of fart
Day 10
There or not, there or not? There or not?!?
Day 11
Might be, might be not. Symptons be, symptons not. its driving me crazy.
Day 12
Having hot flushes and nausea for the past few days but shake it off as “fathom pregnancy
After personal evaluation of getting to know the results earlier and setting my expectations, i thought there is no harm in testing; if (-) then at least i wont go crazy on friday and if (+) i just have to be extra careful but being (+) doesnt mean everything will go well because accidents do happen.
so now more or less i should be going back to my usual lifestyle of exercising, should i still continue to take my eggwhites today? I realise it’s the time when you really want to only hear good things to make yourself feel better
Can totally feel AF is coming. My headaches are here!
Can also feel that i can sleep in peace
Day 13
Day 14
Blood test tomorrow.
Day 15
Not pregnant. and i opened up my chips, still thinking which i should drink later first! coke, milk tea or coffee!!