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Christmas 2017

i am a very competitive person and i only admit it (to myself) a few weeks ago. Like, in order to proof that i can do better, i will go behind people‚Äôs back… Continue reading


I had been thinking: In order for me to improve my English, I have to write more, be more conscious of my English grammar and read more books. That is all I can… Continue reading

Random writing prompt

Timing is the key, not frequency

I am into my Day 16 (menstrual cycle). This whole cycle starting day 1 is causing so much stress and turmoil to me. I cannot imagine me going through IVF procedure in a… Continue reading

Nail Art

Hi! i just realised that i had almost $300 worth of beauty parlour package which i had not utilised. And the last time i had used it was 3 years (near to 4… Continue reading