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Don’t you know?


Lazy saturday

Loving my messy inkwell

The Leap Year!

Hi Everybody!! Its LEAP YEAR! Aren’t you excited? It only occurs once in 4 years! It seemed extremely special to me this time round, probably because i am catching on a show on… Continue reading

New Palette!

tadah!! Bought a new watercoloring palette via carousell. Its from Simbalion. Look! Its so pretty! i will review them once i tried. I had bought one from the local bookstore but it was… Continue reading


Resolution: 1) — —— 2) Better health 3) Better wealth 4) World Peace

25 more days

Flipping the new moleskin that i’m going to use it the new year as a planner. I ┬ástarted to doodle random thoughts and i turned to the last few pages of the planner… Continue reading