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IVF Cycle 2

I had my fresh cycle No 2 last week. This morning, I cried buckets. Because I felt that there isn’t anything in my womb anymore. Compared to this cycle, I thought I was… Continue reading

Drawing near

Does not seemed like there will be good news for me. This morning, I woke up to pee and went back to sleep. While doing that, I realise that everything will be so… Continue reading

Life is unfair

my positivity are burnt out. totally.i felt hopeless and lack of energy. I don’t feel like doing anything which I know will harm my body.  just feel like crying everyday. 

Timing is the key, not frequency

I am into my Day 16 (menstrual cycle). This whole cycle starting day 1 is causing so much stress and turmoil to me. I cannot imagine me going through IVF procedure in a… Continue reading


Someone is definitely playing tricks on me. When everything is supposed to fall in space, it had to change to against my favour. Seriously. FML