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BKK Day 5 (Last)

Day 5, 15 Feb 2017. Its going to be very Short Gonna miss travelling with these tokens. From National Stadium, it costs 70baht to Airport. Byebye BKK! Boohoo!! // In summary, I love Bangkok… Continue reading

BKK Day 2

Day 2, 12 Feb 2017 This is an boring entry because there wasn’t much pictures. We went MBK for hub’s underwear search. We couldn’t find those he wanted (He prefer briefs in package… Continue reading

BKK Day 1

Oh yay baby! 2017 Bangkok trip with hubs! This is a very brief trip and we don’t plan any itineary and we merely follow whatever was given and shared to us via whatsapp… Continue reading


Ok. Let me do some reviews online. First, this jelly lipstick causes so much stir (shit to me) and I decided to get mine. I bought 3 (on impulse) and started to use… Continue reading

Online purchases

I’m a avid online purchaser. I was surfing the net one day for S’ip by S’well and I chance upon Grouphunt. Joined the hunt and tadah! It’s like already my 3rd purchase! The most… Continue reading

Impulse purchases

Finally opened my parcel 3 months later. But I still have no use for it 😹 // i had bought them online from : That was the time when i am so hooked… Continue reading

The Leap Year!

Hi Everybody!! Its LEAP YEAR! Aren’t you excited? It only occurs once in 4 years! It seemed extremely special to me this time round, probably because i am catching on a show on… Continue reading


I love DAISO and i bought lots of things from there. I wanted to do a review here but WOAH. After reading some of others’ entries, mine is so.. “lazy”. Hence, i’ll just… Continue reading


Disgusting image in entry

New Palette!

tadah!! Bought a new watercoloring palette via carousell. Its from Simbalion. Look! Its so pretty! i will review them once i tried. I had bought one from the local bookstore but it was… Continue reading