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Fuck. Everyone is pregnant except me. Advertisements


I had so many things to write about in my head but the moment i switched on my Mac, WOOSH. I just don’t know what to write about. Draft it somewhere first. I… Continue reading


Oh Heaven Why do you want to play such tricks on me.

I thought it’s a good read

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If you feel there is no sunshine after rain, there will never be sunshine

I have no control on what is going to happen to everyone around me, so I guess, I have to take it easy and give my blessings. Rather than feeling upset for myself,… Continue reading

The girl who cares

I told my sister that during the last 2ww, I read the Bible and nothing happened. I concluded that God had forsaken me. She told me to start reading Book is Samuel and… Continue reading


Just last weekend, I’ve heard news on “little fig growing”, “bun in oven” news in the span of 2 days. 3 pieces to be exact and +1 unconfirmed news (my newly wed colleague… Continue reading

Is there always sunshine after rain?

The beautiful morning sky (after rain) I had wanted to write so many things and had drafts in mind but I just can’t put them in words. If I’m able to tell u… Continue reading


Friends got pregnant, gave birth, pregant and gave birth. i am still here. hahaha

After ET

Day 1 Having slight cramps in morning. The thought of doing nothing help led me to reading bible verses and placing the bible on my stomach makes me relieve. Day 2 The pain… Continue reading