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Royal Caribbean 

Hubby brought me to Royal Caribbean cruise over the weekend! Just some random notes which I find useful and it won’t be an intensive one because you probably be able to google one… Continue reading


The day I turned 33. Nothing changed. Its just a normal day like any other. My wish was to stay happy and healthy. Gonna talk about my hysteroscopy and my “random” thoughts on… Continue reading

Don’t you know?

Measure PAIN

How do you measure pain? I can’t seemed to weigh them 1) miscarriage of a 6months twins Or 2) knowing you are infertile?

Life is hard

I always thought life is hard when you are broke or extremely poor or when one can’t make ends meet. There are somethings which money can’t buy. Money can buy me happiness? Money… Continue reading

Just because

I can never share this on my Facebook page. on IVF

Oh dreams

I must be crazy over jujube. I dreamt that I opened up my cupboard and see a heap of bags 😐


Worst ever. There was a foreign celebration in their embassy late at night. I was invited and went in and the group led me to the center of the building. Like those typical… Continue reading


Can’t sleep. My good friend is in her first trimster but she didn’t want to announce it to us but our “broadcaster” had mentioned it questioning her in the group chat. So, the… Continue reading

woof and a meow

I’m gonna get a pet if I can’t get pregnant. First, need to convince hubby :p