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28 days

The hurt and disappointment on the first day of menses. I’m always so positive and anticipating of bearing good news because I had done all I can to be pregnant but it’s always… Continue reading

Resolution 2018

– learn ukelele (play at least a song) – know sign language – speak a new conversation foreign language – empty bottle of facial products without buying new ones – swim / yoga… Continue reading


It’s the 4th and I dreamt of my bil. The scene was at my parents’ place (lookalike) and we were talking at the section between the kitchen and living room. He then moved… Continue reading

The month of Nov

Wanted to sort out pictures to blog on my GZ trip in late Oct, but the most unfortunate thing happened on the 4th Nov. My brother in law passed away in a road… Continue reading

Bye 3rd embroyo

I’m done with first ivf cycle. Gonna meet my doc one month later. Anyway, that’s not the point. Hubby brought me to Johor for a date! We went for brunch at Lavender Bristo… Continue reading

Mid rest

Already ending my hl soon. Lazing around with slight flu. Random: Loving the sky

Frozen embryo transfer

My first embryo transfer. I don’t know what to expect this time. I don’t feel as stress as the first round, but this time, the procedure gives me a little more cramp. I… Continue reading

Hello there

Its been a while I had been thinking, if i had kids, i would want the elder brother to take care of his little sis. Wait until have then say ba. I had… Continue reading

Royal Caribbean 

Hubby brought me to Royal Caribbean cruise over the weekend! Just some random notes which I find useful and it won’t be an intensive one because you probably be able to google one… Continue reading


The day I turned 33. Nothing changed. Its just a normal day like any other. My wish was to stay happy and healthy. Gonna talk about my hysteroscopy and my “random” thoughts on… Continue reading