Disgusting image in entry


New Plant

I had this bad feeling that my periwinkle is going soon 😛 i bought this from Ikea!

Beers, Wines and Liqor

I really don’t like husband to drink. Need to get to bed before seeing him drunk and i will get really crossed. // A man not messaging his wife is a man in… Continue reading

New Palette!

tadah!! Bought a new watercoloring palette via carousell. Its from Simbalion. Look! Its so pretty! i will review them once i tried. I had bought one from the local bookstore but it was… Continue reading

Hooked on Korean

I’m now hooked on everything Korean. I’m thinking of Korean food, watching Korean dramas and variety shows and listening to Korean songs. Geese.. These 2 ladies sang exceptionally well. Hope you enjoy them!… Continue reading

Line Games!

My friends knew how much of a LINE fan i am and i’m a instant convert when i knew i could use stickers in my chat. It beats emoticons anytime! I’m gonna wait till… Continue reading


I had been having dreams on being “chased” by mean people. I had to play “hide and seek”.


I always thought wish-lists sort of = resolutions but after checking out their meaning in dictionary.com 1) Wish list: (noun) a usually unwritten list of things one wishes for 2) resolution: (noun) the… Continue reading

Student Exchange

My youngest brother is heading to Netherlands for 6 months. I am so going to miss this little boy!

Socks obessession

seriously. i’m mad for socks. Just like asked “HOW COME LADIES NEED SO MANY SHOES?? YOU ONLY HAVE A PAIR OF LEGS” i admit i like to be a millipede :p