Student Exchange

My youngest brother is heading to Netherlands for 6 months. I am so going to miss this little boy! Advertisements

Socks obessession

seriously. i’m mad for socks. Just like asked “HOW COME LADIES NEED SO MANY SHOES?? YOU ONLY HAVE A PAIR OF LEGS” i admit i like to be a millipede :p

Always learning

I had cleared my Basic 1 BHM and i am so glad! Lazy to continue for the Basic 2, maybe when i start to discipline myself to brush up on the basics first.… Continue reading

Dreams (interpretation)

i remembered my (sleep) dreams and i had this habit of recording as well as checking in Dream moods for interpretation. So, it was a new pair of tennis shoes which i had totally forgotten.… Continue reading

Rainy day

Is it the rain? My heart feels cold. My mood is just like the grapefruit Song of the moment: Secrets can’t tell (Kill Me, Heal Me OST)


Geese. The Korean drama triggered some childhood memories of mine. Like how we used to “stalk” the puppy love during the young days by secretly snapping a picture of them with the one… Continue reading


Resolution: 1) — —— 2) Better health 3) Better wealth 4) World Peace

21 day old Periwinkle!

Hello Periwinkle! Can’t wait to see you grow in this little glass teapot.

25 more days

Flipping the new moleskin that i’m going to use it the new year as a planner. I  started to doodle random thoughts and i turned to the last few pages of the planner… Continue reading


I think i might have pissed the hell out of my husband by not remembering the life policy that i had bought. See, i don’t remember anything that i don’t want to remember.… Continue reading