Life is hard

I always thought life is hard when you are broke or extremely poor or when one can’t make ends meet. There are somethings which money can’t buy. Money can buy me happiness? Money… Continue reading

oh sky

such a beautiful one.

Just because

I can never share this on my Facebook page. on IVF

Online purchases

I’m a avid online purchaser. I was surfing the net one day for S’ip by S’well and I chance upon Grouphunt. Joined the hunt and tadah! It’s like already my 3rd purchase! The most… Continue reading

Oh dreams

I must be crazy over jujube. I dreamt that I opened up my cupboard and see a heap of bags 😐

Tom Yum Goong

I store-bought the tomyum Goong ingredients for NTUC. It’s so easy! you just have to get tomatoes, mushrooms and the seafood that you want. The pack contains lemongrass Thai ginger lime chillies shallots… Continue reading


Worst ever. There was a foreign celebration in their embassy late at night. I was invited and went in and the group led me to the center of the building. Like those typical… Continue reading

Just wow

in a shocked, couldn’t sleep. Just because read some random blogosphere that one got married and already pregnant; read an email which means shit is waiting for me at work already; and other… Continue reading

Nothing below 30 degrees

Its the first time in my life that i had wanted to drink a cup of hot water. Everyone knows how much i love cold beverages but ever since i had went TCM,… Continue reading

Lazy saturday

Loving my messy inkwell