Joseph Schooling

Like WOW. First Olympic GOLD for SINGAPORE! Joseph Schooling is a legend! But please, let the poor boy rest can? Immediately after touch-down, he is like everywhere.

Pokémon GO

My proudest Pokémon and I caught it at 401 Hougang hahaha. Thought of just documented it down.

Don’t you know?

Measure PAIN

How do you measure pain? I can’t seemed to weigh them 1) miscarriage of a 6months twins Or 2) knowing you are infertile?

Korean Dramas

Lucky Romance is one of the top 10 Korean dramas you have to watch in 2016. The leading actor wasn’t exactly handsome and you know, this scene cracks me up big time, after… Continue reading

Life is hard

I always thought life is hard when you are broke or extremely poor or when one can’t make ends meet. There are somethings which money can’t buy. Money can buy me happiness? Money… Continue reading

oh sky

such a beautiful one.

Just because

I can never share this on my Facebook page. on IVF

Online purchases

I’m a avid online purchaser. I was surfing the net one day for S’ip by S’well and I chance upon Grouphunt. Joined the hunt and tadah! It’s like already my 3rd purchase! The most… Continue reading

Oh dreams

I must be crazy over jujube. I dreamt that I opened up my cupboard and see a heap of bags 😐