baby baby baby

Today, everything is about babies. Took a Uber home, driver told us he was married at 15 and he now had a 18yo child and is already a grandfather. I don’t know how… Continue reading


When I was a young girl, I was anxiously waiting for menses to come. When I become old, I wishes my menses don’t come. Hahah!!

1 Jan 2017

HNY! Just want to wish everyone with good health And me to upgrade to a different statuts that’s all.

Some company party

A pregnant friend told me I seemed to have lost weight. Then started to tell me I need to put on weight to get pregnant.zzzzz Attended a party and the MC was plump… Continue reading

Royal Caribbean 

Hubby brought me to Royal Caribbean cruise over the weekend! Just some random notes which I find useful and it won’t be an intensive one because you probably be able to google one… Continue reading


The day I turned 33. Nothing changed. Its just a normal day like any other. My wish was to stay happy and healthy. Gonna talk about my hysteroscopy and my “random” thoughts on… Continue reading


some random updates on growing Venus!  12th Sep to Mid Oct 2016

Random writing prompt

Hi there I am a bit of a pain. 

I think I need more patience with insensitive friends who throw questions at me than raising a kid.  Or maybe not.  It’s just me not being able to handle it well

Scare date

Because I will be meeting lots of friends and I am predicting loads of friends to ask me the questions I feared hearing.