Vacation: Boracay / Manila



Ok. Let me do some reviews online. First, this jelly lipstick causes so much stir (shit to me) and I decided to get mine. I bought 3 (on impulse) and started to use… Continue reading

random updates

Bought Note 7. Went to Boracay/Manila for a short getaway (Wedding to be exact) Escape from work by taking a longer break.

Hey kid

I had a nightmare! I was on train and i was introduced to a 10yo kid My husband’s son. I don’t know why i have this sick dream

Timing is the key, not frequency

I am into my Day 16 (menstrual cycle). This whole cycle starting day 1 is causing so much stress and turmoil to me. I cannot imagine me going through IVF procedure in a… Continue reading

Joseph Schooling

Like WOW. First Olympic GOLD for SINGAPORE! Joseph Schooling is a legend! But please, let the poor boy rest can? Immediately after touch-down, he is like everywhere.

Pokémon GO

My proudest Pokémon and I caught it at 401 Hougang hahaha. Thought of just documented it down.

Don’t you know?

Measure PAIN

How do you measure pain? I can’t seemed to weigh them 1) miscarriage of a 6months twins Or 2) knowing you are infertile?

Korean Dramas

Lucky Romance is one of the top 10 Korean dramas you have to watch in 2016. The leading actor wasn’t exactly handsome and you know, this scene cracks me up big time, after… Continue reading