Back from Holiday!

I’m back from a 4 days break! (3 to be exact, Thursday, Friday and Monday) It was a simple vacation to a nearby island. Think: sunny with no clouds I’m gonna blog about… Continue reading

Poll, Yes or No

Making Korean pickled garlic/peppers

yumyum! I cannot resist Korean food and i cho-ha GARLIC! Lots of them. Love the soy based dipping sauce with meat so i thought i should try it out on my own. This… Continue reading

Travelling websites

Met up with my poly mates and fun time we had! So this friend of mine recommended this travel/hosting website where you can search for hosts or becoming a host to foreign friends… Continue reading


I love DAISO and i bought lots of things from there. I wanted to do a review here but WOAH. After reading some of others’ entries, mine is so.. “lazy”. Hence, i’ll just… Continue reading

Countries i visited

I was watching Flower Over Friends – Iceland and i am so thrilled! i wished to go on a Iceland trip in my lifetime (This lifetime). I wrote this in my wish-list entry. I… Continue reading

Ikea Plant

My plant goes BLOOM! Pretty! But that was last week. It went dead and the flowers become those like “permed hair” so i discard them into the bin. Gonna replant a new batch… Continue reading

Lush items

Lush had been very proactive in Instagram lately. Out of the 15 frames in my phone, I see at least 1 bath bomb or a jelly shower tub. Not a fan of lush.… Continue reading

My brother’s composition (Primary)

This was posted by the older twin, a Chinese composition he wrote in year 2005.  我的弟弟 我的家有六個人: 爸爸﹐媽媽﹐ 兩個姐姐﹐ 弟弟和我。我來跟你說弟弟吧﹗ 弟弟有個生氣的臉﹐大家看了就不喜歡。 整天有着生氣的臉﹐哪裡好看呢他的身材很瘦比我高一些。他除了這些﹐就沒有特別的了. 他的愛好是玩電腦﹐讀有趣的故事書﹐看電視等。他好的地方是數學﹐會燙衣服等。可是﹐人們的壞處通常比好處多。弟弟當然也是這樣呀﹗比如早上不肯起床﹐害我們遲到﹐還有把他的書本放在我桌上﹐衣服亂丟﹐和我搶玩電腦的時間﹐沒問過我就拿我東西。小時候﹐他還拿我衣服穿呢﹗ 然後就一直穿。我有一次太生氣了﹐我告訴媽媽弟弟穿我的衣服。弟弟沒承認﹐還理直氣壯說是他的呢﹗後來﹐我得回衣服﹐可是到現在﹐他還說是他的﹗真是氣死我了。他小小年紀就有個女朋友。哈哈﹐開玩笑的。 你知道我弟弟的名字嗎﹖對﹐他就是 XX﹐我的雙胞胎弟弟. I love my siblings!!

26th Jan 2016

A boy fell to his death last evening around the neighbourhood. My heart goes to the family. RIP.