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Heaviness in my heart

Crying on my anniversary. It had been at the back of my head for the past 3 weeks but suddenly just felt nothing going to happen or rather, nothing happened.

I cried

And I don’t know why

The sky cries for me

“hello, the results is negative” Though I somewhat expected it, but deep inside I prayed for a small glimpse of hope; like just this little faith (touching God’s little toenail). So, my faith… Continue reading

IVF Cycle 2

I had my fresh cycle No 2 last week. This morning, I cried buckets. Because I felt that there isn’t anything in my womb anymore. Compared to this cycle, I thought I was… Continue reading


I had so many things to write about in my head but the moment i switched on my Mac, WOOSH. I just don’t know what to write about. Draft it somewhere first. I… Continue reading


Oh Heaven Why do you want to play such tricks on me.

28 days

The hurt and disappointment on the first day of menses. I’m always so positive and anticipating of bearing good news because I had done all I can to be pregnant but it’s always… Continue reading

Resolution 2018

– learn ukelele (play at least a song) – know sign language – speak a new conversation foreign language – empty bottle of facial products without buying new ones – swim / yoga… Continue reading